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I am a voracious hunter-gatherer: arts, books and graphic culture related things are my favorite foods.

I’m a stray cat, I have no fixed abode and I get bored easily, which is why I found in freelancing and graphics some sort of fellow activities that fit my life’s rhythm, which I would call relentlessly and annoyingly curious.

As an independent graphic designer, I work with emerging businesses who have good traction but need stronger branding to take their organization to the next level.

Why “La Catrina”?

The name came by itself, during my university years.

A remarkable series of linguistic oversights and semiotic juggling played together and gave me the nickname. Cat (the iconic animal which stands for my logo) is the short form for my name: Caterina. Apparently people always fail to get it right…not to mention my last name!

Among different attempts to pronounce it, the one I ended up loving the most was “Catrina” which recalls the Mexican Female Death representation. I found it tellingly accurate and reasonably foolish since I dress in black 350/365 days per year and I love heavy metal music.

This is it!

Pro bono, non-profit and co. I do trade my work from time to time with great people and often do pro-bono or join non-profit causes.