Custom Paper Dolls // Illustration


Looking for something “out of the box” and crafty? Still wondering what to give as present for your next anniversary?

I can do original and family portraits: hand-made with love and care, custom-made just for you!

I work on high quality heavy paper 140gr/300lb with professional inks. I am always open to new ideas and improvement: I love to experiment!

Here is how it works: send me the pictures of people (adults/kids/pets/infants etc) you want displayed in the family portrait. The pictures need to show the faces from a frontal point of view (the most important thing). If you don’t have head to toe photos, a very detailed description or links of what you want the people to wear should be enclosed as well (t-shirt color/decor, clothes and shoes colors or brand if they are very peculiar, hair up-dos, any special jewelry etc). You can have them movable or glued and you can always add new members to the family, whether a new baby or a pet!

Great for:

* Wedding/Engagement

* Showers

* Anniversary/Birthday

* Alternative Family portrait

* Graduations

* …any other occasion!

Please note: these paper dolls are unique and delicate, they are intended for framing or shadow boxed. They are not intended for young kids to play with or as toys. Contact me for pricing or to discuss your special requests!


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