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Featured // Italiansinfuga

Last year, I wrote a guest post for the Italian blog Italiansinfuga in which I shared my University experience at the University of Edinburgh.

I decided to translate some parts of it in English, so please keep reading! You can either read the full Italian version HERE

The University dome in the foreground with the castle on the back


The story that brought me from Rimini to Venice to Edinburgh was very simple and straightforward in its development, however I do not think it was merely the result of luck.

Since I decided to continue my postgraduate studies abroad, I immediately started a meticulous preparation, especially in the choice of destinations, papers timing and their deadlines. During my degree thesis preparation at IUAV (University of Architecture, Venice) which lasted just over a semester, I started the paperworks for a prestigious American scholarship called Fulbright. I was determined to arrange a PhD in the United States since my boyfriend will shortly move there too. The bureaucracy was going pretty well, when I realized that the VISA they would provide me will involve to leave the US  for at least a year once I would earn the academic title. For this reason, halfway through I eventually decided to quit the application and start looking around once again. 

Because of my specialization, I went through the Nordic universities, especially those of Denmark and the Netherlands and the United Kingdom for their prestige. Upon graduation, I was already awaiting a response from the AA and UCL in London and the University of Edinburgh. At the same time, I was studying for a language certificate and I got in touch with an architectural practice to start working, in case it went wrong. Since my Bachelor degree, I think I never stop so far, cramming every month with specializing and CV filling activities.

At the end of spring I was accepted with an ‘Unconditional offer’ both at UCL in London at University of Edinburgh. That was an awesome moment.

The choice fell on Edinburgh because it boasts a prestigious university (in the top 5 in the UK) and it was the Olympic year in London.

I was not ready nor willing to live in a chaotic metropolis like London.

To sum up, I think that my advice would be: luck does not exist, plan it all, consider alternative plans and be prepared to defend your own dreams and interests since they worth all the money, the sleepless nights and the time spent on them!

The heart of the University of Edinburgh

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