Featured // Paper Dolls on The Commercial Dispatch

I have the great pleasure to share a new press release about my (almost) viral custom paper-doll portraits! It appeares on The Commercial Dispatch today issue.

Below there’s an abstract from the article itself, but there is actually much more to read! If you don’t have the chance to get a printed copy of it, you can either read the full article online HERE

What happens when you suddenly find yourself with too much spare time on your hands?

Well, focus on side projects to stay creative and active during my time here in Mississippi was simply a must. To fight the boredom and keep on a daily workout of freehand sketching and drawing, one of those projects has turned out to be paper dolls — whimsical paper portraits, one-of-a-kind keepsakes.

Like everything in life, it happened almost by chance. As word has spread, the waiting list has grown. The unique, delicate figures intended for framing or shadow boxing have become especially popular for celebrating weddings, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and other family occasions.

If you want to commission your special hand-made gift or everything graphic, hurry up! Waiting list is growing fast!

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